Sean Clarke

Web Development + Design

Topper Fitness

Development + Design (PHP + jQuery + Javascript)

Working with Topper Fitness presented an exciting chance to work with a comapny making a major transitional step. Having upsized to a new and improved location, a website befitting of the new identity was an opportunity to re-introduce the community to the new standard for boutique fitness.

JNT Technical Services + Infraview

Development + Design (jQuery + Javascript + SCSS)

JNT offered an opportunity to flex my design skills and allowed me to develop a clean and modern identity for the company across their company's multiple platforms. ("Development In Progress")


Development + Design

JetLog is my first foray into the world of React / Redux. The idea was to create an application that would allow users a memory-map of their travels. React's component based nature allowed for great flexibility in development and availed me to some useful open-source component's within the dev community.

Branch - Rails

Development + Design

Branch is a Ruby on Rails Content Management System for local events & meet-ups. Having previously coded it in Sinatra, I saw Rails as an avenue to expand the functionality and scope of the project.

Branch - Sinatra

Development + Design

Branch is a Sinatra Content Management System for local events & meet-ups. Users can create and find events in their area both big and small.

Billboard Top Songs


My first Ruby project, Billboard Top Songs makes use of the Nokogiri gem to scrape data from the aclaimed "Billboard Hot 100" list of the nation's top songs. It is available as a downloadable Ruby gem here.

Advance Party Concept

Branding + UX & UI (Responsive)

The enjoyment of working with the Advance Party inspired me to draft a design for a mini-site with the intent of aiding campaign efforts. A sort of "digital pamphlet", the website would seek to close the gap between party and constituent - allowing all students the opportunity to inform themselves on their terms.

Clarke Technical Products

Front-End + UX & UI (Responsive)

Built with mobile in mind, my aim was to make this site as convenient to demo at Trade Shows and Conventions as it is to view on desktop.

Bright Brew Concept

Branding + UX & UI
(Desktop & Native Mobile)

What began as a simple logo mock-up, inspired me to design branding and build out a full concept website and native mobile application.



A recent graduate of the Flatiron School’s Full Stack Web Development Program, my passion for Development was sparked during my undergrad. In addition to my B.S. in Economics, during my time at Florida State, I discovered a reverence for digital design, one that would ultimately lead to a minor in Computer Science. Today, I look to incorporate my Economic rationale, technical knowledge, and my passion for pixel-perfect design in order to deliver groundbreaking products for innovative startups looking to change the world.